Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ryan's Rants, Part 1 of Infinity

There is this commercial that I keep hearing at work on the local classic rock station that makes my blood boil every time I hear it. It goes something like this:

Very Nerdy Sounding Guy: Hello, Geek Shop.
Very Pleasant Sounding Bitch: I think my computer has a virus, I'd also like to upgrade my memory.
Nerd: Woah woah, hold on Cinderella. I think I could do that for (chuckle) upwards of $100 an hour. I may not have any "certifications" but I do play my video games 8 hours a day. Will this be cash or credit?
Bitch: That's okay, I'll just take my computer to Starnet Wireless.

First of all, why the hell would you call up one place just to tell them you were going to take your system to another? Secondly, the employees at Geek Squad (SPOILER!!! that's who they were referring to) do have to have training to work on computers. Thirdly, a real geek would use a princess more familiar to them, like Princess Peach or Zelda. And finally, being a proud, self proclaimed geek, I take offense to their shallow representation of geeks.

New addition to my "Dead To Me" list: All Starnet Wireless employees.

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Abby said...

"...a princess more familiar to them..."