Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 NFL Predictions (Mid-Week 1)

2009 Mid-Week 1 NFL Predictions

Every year I do two or three different versions of my NFL predictions at different times during the season. I started these last Friday, then did minor modifications depending on how teams played yesterday. All positions remained the same but some records changed slightly. I'm sure if you all up all the teams records there will be more wins then losses, i didn't spend that much time on this, just kind of threw it together.

NFC East:
Giants 12-4
Philadelphia 11-5
Washington 8-8
Dallas 7-9

NFC North:
Chicago 10-6
Green Bay 10-6
Minnesota 9-7
Detroit 1-15

NFC South:
Atlanta 11-5
Carolina 11-5
New Orleans 8-8
Tampa bay 4-12

NFC West:
Seattle 10-6
Arizona 10-6
San Francisco 7-9
St. Louis 3-13

AFC East:
New England 12-4
Miami 10-6
Buffalo 7-9
NY Jets 6-10

AFC North:
Baltimore 11-5
Pittsburgh 10-6
Cleveland 5-11
Cincinnati 4-12

AFC South:
Tennessee 10-6
Jacksonville 10-6
Indianapolis 9-7
Houston 5-11

AFC West:
San Diego 13-3
Kansas City 8-8
Oakland 4-12
Denver 4-12

NFC Playoffs Seeds:
1. NY Giants
2. Atlanta
3. Chicago
4. Seattle
5. Carolina
6. Philadelphia

NFC Playoffs:

Philadelphia over Chicago, Carolina over Seattle
NY Giants over Philadelphia, Atlanta over Carolina
Carolina over NY Giants

AFC Playoffs Seeds:
1. San Diego
2. New England
3. Baltimore
4. Tennessee
5. Pittsburgh
6. Jacksonville

AFC Playoffs
Baltimore over Jacksonville, Pittsburgh over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over San Diego, Baltimore over New England
Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Super Bowl:
Baltimore over Carolina, 27-17
Ray Lewis = Super Bowl MVP

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