Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 NFL Prediction (Before Playoffs Edition)

2009 Playoffs NFL Predictions

Every year I do two or three different versions of my NFL predictions at different times during the season. Here are my original predictions, with the actual final standings after them in parentheses.

NFC East:
Giants 12-4 (Dallas 11-5)
Philadelphia 11-5 (Philadelphia 11-5)
Washington 8-8 (NY Giants 8-8)
Dallas 7-9 (Washington 4-12)
I got Philadelphia right on the nose, but was way off on Washington and The Giants.

NFC North:
Chicago 10-6 (Minnesota 12-4)
Green Bay 10-6 (Green Bay 11-5)
Minnesota 9-7 (Chicago 7-9)
Detroit 1-15 (Detroit 2-14)
I was pretty close on Green Bay and Detroit each, but swapped Minnesota and Chicago.

NFC South:
Atlanta 11-5 (New Orleans 13-3)
Carolina 11-5 (Atlanta 9-7)
New Orleans 8-8 (Carolina 8-8)
Tampa bay 4-12 (Tampa bay 3-13)
I was close on Tampa, but that was about it.

NFC West:
Seattle 10-6 (Arizona 10-6)
Arizona 10-6 (San Francisco 8-8)
San Francisco 7-9 (Seattle 5-11)
St. Louis 3-13 (St. Louis 1-15)
This time I was pretty close on all of them but Seattle

AFC East:
New England 12-4 (New England 10-6)
Miami 10-6 (NY Jets 9-7)
Buffalo 7-9 (Miami 7-9)
NY Jets 6-10 (Buffalo 6-10)
The records were pretty close, but the teams were way off.

AFC North:
Baltimore 11-5 (Cincinnati 10-6)
Pittsburgh 10-6 (Baltimore 9-7)
Cleveland 5-11 (Pittsburgh 9-7)
Cincinnati 4-12 (Cleveland 5-11)
Got Cleveland's record right, but honestly who would have thought Cincinnati would finish 1st and Pittsburgh would finish 3rd.

AFC South:
Tennessee 10-6 (Indianapiolis 14-2)
Jacksonville 10-6 (Houston 9-7)
Indianapolis 9-7 (Tennessee 8-8)
Houston 5-11 (Jacksonville 7-9)
This was my highly risky prediction, and it didn't pay off at all.

AFC West:
San Diego 13-3 (San Diego 13-3)
Kansas City 8-8 (Denver 8-8)
Oakland 4-12 (Oakland 5-11)
Denver 4-12 (Kansas City 4-12)
Again, records were nearly spot on for each position, but I only had one team in the right spot.

NFC Playoffs Seeds:
1. NY Giants (New Orleans)
2. Atlanta (Minnesota)
3. Chicago (Dallas)
4. Seattle (Arizona)
5. Carolina (Green Bay)
6. Philadelphia (Philadelphia)
Hahaha, I had Philadelphia right again, but that was it. This is sad....

NEW NFC Playoffs Prediction:
Philadelphia over Dallas, Arizona over Green Bay
Philadelphia over New Orleans, Minnesota over Arizona
Minnesota over Philadelphia

AFC Playoffs Seeds:
1. San Diego (Indianapolis)
2. New England (San Diego)
3. Baltimore (New England)
4. Tennessee (Cincinnati)
5. Pittsburgh (NY Jets)
6. Jacksonville (Baltimore)
I was way off on all of these, the top three teams were at least in the playoffs but the bottom three missed the playoffs entirely.

NEW AFC Playoffs Prediction:
Baltimore over New England, Cincinnati over NY Jets
Baltimore over Indianapolis, San Diego over Cincinnati
San Diego over Baltimore

Super Bowl:
San Diego over Minnesota, 31 - 27
Antonio Gates = Super Bowl MVP

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