Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The 21st Perfect Game in Major League Baseball history goes to.......

There are two things that really stick out to me about tonight's game.

#1. Jim Joyce will never be able to confidently call another game in Major League Baseball.

From the interview he gave after realizing he blew the final out call, he will from this point forward be unable to successfully feel confident in those close calls. He is scheduled to be the home plate umpire in tomorrow afternoon's game and there is no way he will be rested and able to call the game at the best of his ability. He won't be able to sleep tonight and probably will not be able to eat or sleep tomorrow. It is possible he may resign as a Major League umpire. Personally, I do not wish any ill will towards him, everyone makes mistakes. But as big of a moment as this was and as distraught as Joyce sounded, it would not surprise me.

#2. Even if the commissioner's office does overturn this ruling, it still will not matter.

The thing that hurts the most from this entire event is the fact that Armando doesn't get a chance to enjoy the moment as it happened. Even if he hadn't gotten the achievement legitimately, there still would have been a multiple minute long standing ovation from every fan inside that stadium. Instead, you get all the fans booing the umpire right after it happened and then a mixture of cheers and jeers as Armando left the field after the game. I can only hope that in Galarraga's next start, the team allows him to take the field alone, to allow the fans to give him the kind of welcome he deserves.

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