Thursday, June 17, 2010

E3 Press Conferences

Well, the big press conferences are done and I’m surprised to say I’m most impressed by Nintendo’s. The Sony and Microsoft ones were way too centered on their motion controls, something I can’t really get excited about.

I love the prospect of a new Zelda game, especially one that takes a more cartoony look, like Wind Waker did, which happens to be my favorite iteration. The new Kirby adventure game got me initially excited, but I don’t know if I will like the lasso instead of the inhale/copy mechanism. Donkey Kong Country will be another game I’ll probably get because Andrea really liked those games on SNES, so it’s something we’ll be able to play together for a couple days.

Kinect is something I can’t see myself using for playing games. Some of the other abilities, such as the video player and the voice recognition look neat, but there’s nothing stopping one of my young children mimicking me by yelling “Xbox off” while I’m in the middle of a game. Fable 3 didn’t show me anything to get me more excited about it. I still want to eventually buy it, but I won’t go out on release weekend to get it.

As for Sony, I do not own a PS3 so I paid the least attention to their software. None of the Move stuff made me want one, but the new Twisted Metal looks stellar. I have been considering going
out and buying a PS3, and I probably would have with the bonus I got last month if it hadn’t been for medical bills. There have been a number of games in the last couple months that I really want to play, and Twisted Metal put me over the edge. I now want to be a PS3 owner. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get one for Father’s day.

To me, the biggest disappointment was the absence of a new Pikmin game. The first two on Gamecube were huge successes and I just cannot fathom why Nintendo wouldn’t want to churn out another. At least we’re getting a new Professor Layton, that’s something I can rally behind.

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