Friday, June 18, 2010

E3 Predictions revisited

Alright, let's go over how close I was...

Things I think will be unveiled at E3 this year:
- Outside of God of War: Ghosts of Sparta, nothing else will be featured for the PSP. Wrong. Patapon 3 looks pretty cool.
- PSP 2 will NOT be unveiled. Right! Haha! Mark one for me!
- The Black Xbox 360 slim will feature WiFi, four USB ports, no internal hard drive and most importantly: no more red rings of death. It will also come with one 16 MB USB drive that fits into the back and will be mostly hidden. It was not called "Xbox 360 Slim" instead "Xbox 360 250GB". It does feature Wifi, five (not four) USB ports, a huge internal harddrive and hopefulyl no red rings of death. I'll take a half a point on this one.
- Nothing that hardcore gamers will want to play for PlayStation Move or Project Natal. This includes the new SOCOM and Fable 3. Both of them will feature Move and Natal support, but no hardcore gamers will want to play them that way. Wrong, the Star Wars lightsaber game got a pretty good reception.
- Project Natal will be renamed something that sounds stupider then “project natal”. It definitely will not be renamed just “Natal” This one is debatable. I prefer Kinect over Natal, but that's just me.
- Nintendo will continue ignore online games. I'm gonna say I hit this one right on the head even though a couple little features were mentioned.

Games Announced:
A remake of Maniac Mansion, for Steam, Wii Shop, PlayStation Store and/or Xbox Live Arcade. Wrong.
- HAWX 2 Right! Woot!
- Professor Layton 3 Right! Two in a row! There will also be one for the 3Ds.
- Pikmin 3 I was unaware there was one in production before E3, but it was not featured there.
- Bungie’s new IP with Activision. Wrong.
- Mario Party 9 Wrong.
- GTA 5 Very Wrong.

I think I did alright with predictions. 4-5 right, whether you think Nintendo is continuing to ignore online gamers.

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